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Bankruptcy is one of the core practices in the Company. Leading Russian and foreign companies in various sectors of the economy, as well as individuals are clients of the practice.

We have the opportunity to combine the experience and knowledge of our team in family practice to best protect the interests of our clients, including in cases of joint bankruptcy of spouses.

Main Areas of Practice

  • Full support of bankruptcy proceedings in the interests of the debtor, including protection against claims to challenge transactions and applications from creditors or an insolvency receiver to hold managers/founders vicariously liable;
  • Representing the interests of creditors in arbitration courts and in relations with insolvency receivers, support of the procedure for incorporation to the list of creditors, appeal against illegal actions of insolvency receivers and invalid transactions of the debtor; 
  • Bringing persons controlling the debtor (managers, founders, etc.) to subsidiary liability on the initiative of the creditor or the insolvency receiver;
  • Protecting and challenging the debtor's transactions;
  • Return of illegally withdrawn assets;
  • Collecting accounts receivable;
  • Collecting information about debtors, their affiliates and controllers with regards to the debt liquidity; 
  • Representing the interests of insolvency receivers, including arrangement of meetings of creditors and meetings of the creditor committee, representing the insolvency receiver in court, cooperation with self-regulatory organizations of insolvency receivers;
  • Representing the interests: protection of creditors or debtors in criminal cases related to bankruptcy (deliberate bankruptcy, fraud);
  • Developing various debt restructuring forms, arranging the procedure for the conclusion of amicable settlements in the course of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Representing the interests of shared-equity construction participants/developer in bankruptcy proceedings of the developer;

Head of Practice

Alexander Kopylov

Head of the Moscow branch, Head of Bankruptcy Practice