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Labor Law

Attorneys and lawyers of the Bar Council are experienced in supporting the headcount optimization in holding entities, representing the interests of clients in regulatory bodies and conducting complex labor disputes. We actively use conciliation procedures to protect the interests of our clients and build forecasts of litigation risks.

Main Areas of Practice

  • Judicial and non-judicial settlement of labor disputes;
  • Settlement of relations with top managers;
  • Support of the employer's activities;
  • Analysis and drafting of employment contracts and local regulations;
  • Due diligence of labor relations, evaluation of the HR accounting system, existing or potential risks, and development of recommendations to eliminate identified violations;
  • Layoff support;
  • Settlement of relations with trade unions, collective bargaining;
  • Compensation, additional incentives, options for employees;
  • Support of relations with foreign employees;
  • Implementation of the trade secret mode;
  • Labor protection, development and implementation of regulations and procedures for the protection of personal data of employees;
  • Registration of employers' rights to intellectual property created by employees while performing their duties, registration of relations between the parties on the creation of intellectual property items.