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International Practices

We help the heirs to search for and establish the entire amount of property to be inherited both in Russia and abroad.

Our considerable judicial experience and negotiation skills enable us to protect the interests of our clients in the best way.

We are experienced in dealing with complex inheritance cases, complicated by trusts, foundations, nominee owners, as well as cases with inherited property located simultaneously in different countries and jurisdictions. In such cases, we act based on "a window" principle and support local inheritance cases through our international partners, coordinating their actions and consulting on Russian law.

Our assistance is often required by international partners to draw up legal opinions on the applicable law and analyze the application of Russian law to specific legal relations.

Main Areas of Practice

Russian Inheritance Law

  • Conducting inheritance cases in Russian courts;
  • Consulting on valuation of inherited property, including business;
  • Contesting testaments and transactions with property subject to inheritance;
  • Assistance to creditors in foreclosing on inherited property;
  • Developing mechanisms for planning inheritance of assets, including assets outside of the Russian Federation;
  • Adding (removal) of property in/from the inheritance estate;
  • Allocating a matrimonial share in the inheritance property;
  • Recognition as an unworthy heir;
  • Drafting individual and joint testaments and inheritance agreements;
  • Establishing inheritance funds and participating in inheritance disputes.

International Inheritance Law

  • Implementation of inheritance certificates in relation to property located in Russia and abroad;
  • Identifying and tracing foreign assets subject to inheritance;
  • Implementation of Russian certificates of inheritance rights or commencement of local inheritance proceedings;
  • Consulting and legal opinions on the applicable law;
  • Conducting inheritance cases in Russian courts;
  • Drafting agreements on the division of inherited property located on the territory of Russia and abroad.

Head of Practice

Ksenia Shved (Ivanova)

Partner, Head of Family and Inheritance Law Practice, International Practice, Ph. D. in Law.