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Criminal Law Practices

Attorneys of "Ivanovy & Partners" Bar Council have a unique experience in legal defense of their clients in criminal cases, economic and official crimes at all stages of the criminal proceedings. We have experience in acquittals and overturned sentences, changing preventive measures and overturning of sentences by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. We focus on economic, official, and military crimes.

Main Areas of Practice

  • Building a line of defense for the principal at various stages of criminal proceedings (pre-trial, first instance, appeal and cassation courts);
  • Providing legal support and representing the interests of a witness, victim;
  • Representing the interests: protection in the course of the preliminary investigation;
  • The attorney involved at all stages of the criminal proceedings and investigative actions;
  • Appealing against decisions, actions (omissions) of the investigator, interrogator, Prosecutor, Judge;
  • Drafting and supporting a civil claim in criminal proceedings;
  • Representing the corporate interests in the course of searches, seizures and other proceedings, including with the participation of security services;
  • Other actions stipulated by the law of the Russian Federation.

Head of Practice

Lev Ivanov

Partner, Head of Criminal Practice, Chief Justice in Honorable Discharge