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Enforcement Proceedings

Being experienced in working with the executive bodies, we are ready to develop a mechanism to support and protect the interests of our clients and implement it. We have a unique judicial experience in appealing against actions of officials and supporting the execution of judgements.

Main Areas of Practice

  • Representing the interests in court when considering administrative claims;
  • Arranging the search for the debtor's property, including outside of the Russian Federation;
  • Consulting on any procedural issues related to the execution of judgements;
  • Appealing against decisions, actions (omissions) of the bailiff service officials both in the subordination order and within the Code of Administrative Court Procedure of the Russian Federation;
  • Assisting in valuation of the debtor's property, challenging the debtor's property valuation;
  • Participating in negotiations with the debtor (recoveror);
  • Bringing the debtor to responsibility;
  • Organizing and performing work with a notary with regards to the execution of the non-judicial foreclosure agreement;
  • Supporting the foreclosure procedure;
  • Recovery of damages resulting from illegal actions (omissions) of the Russian Federal Bailiffs Service officials;
  • Ensuring the enforcement of decisions of Russian courts outside of the Russian Federation;
  • Ensuring the enforcement of decisions of foreign courts on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Conducting cases on disputes about the debtor's ownership of property and on disputes related to property that cannot be foreclosed;
  • Providing other assistance in the execution of rulings of the court and other bodies.

Head of Practice

Alexander Demin

Head of Enforcement Proceedings Practice, Labor Law Practice, Judicial Counsellor 1st Class