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Family Law

All family cases are unique and require special approach. We understand the importance of confidentiality and guarantee it. When working on the interests of the principal, we are ready to apply our mediation skills and considerable experience in negotiations for peaceful resolution of the dispute.

We protect the interests of our clients on property and non-property issues, including those related to actual family relationships and partnerships of unmarried persons. Thanks to our established partnership network abroad, we are able to help our clients in the search for property abroad and support its division procedure, as well as assist in drafting marriage contracts and agreements on the division of property, including that located outside of the Russian Federation.

Main Areas of Practice

Dissolution of Marriage and Division of Property

  • Representing the interests in court on family law and inheritance disputes;
  • Protecting business against family law risks;
  • Challenging transactions for disposal of community property;
  • Supporting disputes arising out of the marriage contract (including on the invalidity of the marriage contract);
  • Drafting and supporting execution of agreements between spouses (marriage contract, agreement on the division of property, spouse maintenance agreement);
  • Protecting property rights of persons in actual marital (partnership) relations;

International Family Law

  • Drafting legal opinions on Russian law for foreign courts;
  • Search for property and assets located abroad;
  • Division of community property, including foreign assets;
  • International child abduction cases under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction 1980;
  • Determining the child custody and visitation procedures;
  • Marriage dissolution and recovery of alimony for the maintenance of children, spouses, and other family members;
  • Deprivation, restriction, restoration of parental rights;
  • Cases on the establishment of origin of children, the contestation of paternity (maternity);
  • Drafting and supporting execution of agreements in respect of minor children (child visitation, custody, alimony agreements);
  • Legal support of adoption and granting of the custody and guardianship rights.

Bankruptcy of Spouses

  • Protection of the property rights of the spouse in bankruptcy cases;
  • Support of the bankruptcy of spouses.

Head of Practice

Ksenia Shved (Ivanova)

Partner, Head of Family and Inheritance Law Practice, International Practice, Ph. D. in Law.