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Surrogacy is a fairly new development for Russian law. The legal framework regulating this area of medicine is still quite far from perfect. In Russia, the number of experts who know this branch of law and have judicial practice in this category of disputes, and even more so who have the precedent decisions that we have, is very few.

According to Russian law, a surrogate mother has the right to keep a child, but we have changed the practice of dispute resolution, which was previously made in favor of surrogate mothers. The Supreme Court fully agreed with our legal position in the case and clarified that each case should be considered individually taking into account the circumstances and possible abuse of rights by the parties to legal relations.

In addition, we have a unique experience in establishing surrogacy companies from scratch, as well as representing the interests of not only medical institutions, but also genetic parents.

Head of Practice

Ksenia Shved (Ivanova)

Partner, Head of Family and Inheritance Law Practice, International Practice, Ph. D. in Law.